Beverage Drinking Supplement Additive Collagen Peptide

                      food ingredient food additive collagen powderProduct detailsProduct name:Collagen powderOther name: Protein concentrate or hydrolyzed gelatinRaw material: Could be beef,pig,fish or ChickenColor or p

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                      food ingredient food additive collagen powderBeverage Drinking Supplement Additive Collagen Peptide

Product details
Product name:Collagen powder
Other name: Protein concentrate or hydrolyzed gelatin
Raw material: Could be beef,pig,fish or Chicken
Color or powder: white powder or light yellow
Its protein content is above 95%, having 18 kinds amino acids, 7 kinds
of which are essential for people.
our products could be completely dissolved in water in cold water . No
smell,Low sodium content, low ash and low heavy metal content, small
molecular weight, easy absorption and utilization.

Professional Manufacture of Gelatin
(1)Stable quality
Quality of Gelatin is guaranteed due to standard equipment,Aseptic workshop And laboratory

(2)High Responsibility ---After sales are guaranteed
Many of our oversea customers have kept regular orders with us near10years.
After sales has been guaranteed due to high responsiblity of Huaxuan as below:
Huaxuan never allow to sell high chromium for feed or human purpose.
While some of our competitors get back high margin by delivering lower cost
of high chrome industrial gelatin for food use, our company still delivered high
cost of low chrome edible gelatin to buyer with nearly no margin to buyer.
Huaxuan have Rejected order every time when we learned that buyers wanted to
buy industrial grade gelatin( high chromium)for feed or human purpose.
(3) Exthibition--
Our sales team will waiting for you at our booth in the exhibition as below:
        Our booth NO: 61P72
         Name of exhibition:FIC China 2016
        Time : 23-25 Mar. 2016
        Address:National Exhibiton and Convention Center,Shanghai(NECCS)
Our sales team take part in competition of sales among 15groups within May.19-June.19. each group have 6-10company. our company was picked up as the leader
of whole group, we need to reach  goal of sales volume within this month.To win
the competition with more sales volume,whole company join efforts to win
competition with lowest price and best concession.
It is best chance for buyres to purchase more in this month.

5) Selling web---
have exported to many countries for 10 years with whole set of documents as below:

More information of products
1)Packing :
20KG or 25kg per bag.
Outer bag is kraft paper bag or Woven poly bag. Inner bag is water-proof plastic bag.

2) Loading quantity in container

with pallet: 12Mts for 20ft Container, 24Mts for 40 container.
Without pallet:
3-5mesh 15mts
8-15mesh gelatin:18-19 MT
More than 20 mesh gelatin:20 Mts.

3)HuaXuan Gelatin Storage
Keep in a tightly closed container stored in a cool dry ventilated area.

1.Beauty & personal care:
Collagen give the skin its strength, waterproofing, and elasticity.
Loss of collagen is a cause of wrinkles.
2. Food & beverage :
It can be added into function food,food supplement,beverage,etc.
3.Health & medicine
It is used in cosmetic surgery and burns surgery. It is widely used in the form of
collagen casings for sausages, which are also used in the manufacture of musical
1. Joint lubricant
2. Strong bones-effectively prevent osteoporosis
3. Promote the body's metabolism
4. The umbrella of blood vessels
5. Improve constipation
6. Enhance human immunity


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