Feed Grade L-Lysine Sulfate 70% for Animal Nutrition

animal feed additive grade hcl sulfate l lysine 98.5% 70%1. L-Lysine HCl 98.5% (Feed Grade)2. L-Lysine Sulphate 70% (Feed Grade) 1. L-Lysine HCl 98.5% (Feed Grade)AppearanceWhite or light brown powderContent (Dry Basis)≥ 98.5%Specific rotation+18.0 - +21.5Loss on drying≤ 1.0%Residue on ignition≤

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animal feed additive grade hcl sulfate l lysine 98.5% 70%

1. L-Lysine HCl 98.5% (Feed Grade)

2. L-Lysine Sulphate 70% (Feed Grade)

1. L-Lysine HCl 98.5% (Feed Grade)


White or light brown powder

Content (Dry Basis)

≥ 98.5%

Specific rotation

+18.0 - +21.5

Loss on drying

≤ 1.0%

Residue on ignition

≤ 0.3%

Ammonium salt

≤ 0.04%

Heavy metals(ppm)

≤ 30


≤ 2.0

pH (1.0g/dl)

5.0 - 6.0


 2. L-Lysine Sulphate 70% (Feed Grade)



light brown or brown powder

Content (Dry Basis)




Loss on drying


Residue on Ignition


Ammoniumate (as NH+4)


Heavy metal (AS Pb)




PH (1.0g/dl)


Lysine can meet the needs of animals, promote the growth of animals, improve the balance of amino acids, improve the utilization rate of feed, and save protein resources.It can improve the nutritive value of plant protein and feed, and is beneficial to the development of protein feed resources.For example, the addition of restricted amino acids into the feed of pancake meal can replace fish meal, thus reducing the feed cost and improving the meat quality. For example, the addition of lysine can improve the carcass quality and increase the lean meat rate.Feed Grade L-Lysine Sulphate 70% for Animal Nutrition

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